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......but I recently designed a business card for a friend of mine who does.

In her own words Jillian Green's art is inspired by her faith and love of early Christian art. Click on the link and take a look at her beautiful work.

It can be a bit challenging doing work for artists because they bring their well developed sense of aesthetics with them. As a designer you need to make sure you are accurately representing their creative identity - their 'brand', not your own.

Jillian was pretty sure she wanted the image of St Gemma on the front of the card and minimalist contact details on the back. She also knew what colours she wanted and that there should be a cross on the back. This made it much easier for me and when I started laying out the text the phrase 'I Paint Saints' popped into my head. The words came to me so clearly because we had discussed Jillian's renewed focus on this particular aspect of her art practice. Later I discovered she already had an Instagram account entitled 'Painter of Saints' (now renamed 'I Paint Saints') - but I had been unaware of this at the time.

I loved the design but wasn't sure whether Jillian would so I sent her an email with the mockup. I'm happy to report that she loved it.....

I love doing this type of work. When I first started designing for others I wasn't sure I could use my unique way of seeing things to represent the personal sensibilities of someone else, but it's more simple than I thought it would be. When I'm working on a client's design it is for them, and when I'm working on my own stuff it's for me. I really enjoy supporting others in their creative endeavours - it's such a privilege.

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Here's a more traditional 'analog' approach to graphic design - hand drawn thumbnails. Most artists still start with concept sketches like these when designing a logo or layout. These drawings were created in response to a brief I was given whilst studying for my graphic design diploma.

Graphic design in analog.

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This is one of my recent logo designs. It looks simple doesn't it?

Recent logo design

When you get a logo design quote from a graphic artist you might wonder what you are actually getting. You might even ask: why does it cost this much? Clients don't usually appreciate the often lengthy creative process behind what looks like a really simple logo.

It's more difficult to come up with an effective minimal design than a complex one because of the editing process. Designs can go through many many permutations before the best colour combinations and composition are reached. Of course the client has to have their input and this is an added challenge for the designer.

I've provided some work-in-progress images to demonstrate the process because I find people are interested in how artists think and work.

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